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Feb 012013

Adding an additional Client Access Server (CAS) in your Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 environment is something that you probably need to do.  The question is what impact does this have on the Enterprise Vault environment?  Sometimes it is quite some time after the initial setup of the environment and how the EV + OWA side of things is long forgotten.  The steps to add an additional CAS are quite simple:


1. Edit the IP restrictions on the EVAnon virtual directory

– Add in the IP address of your new CAS server.


2. Edit the ExchangeServers.txt file

– Add in the IP address of your new CAS server.


3. Install the EV OWA Extensions.

– To add the EV functionality.


And that is it!  It’s really that simple.  In the first step you are making the change ‘live’ to the environment.  In the second step you’re making the change future proof.  If you recall you populate the ExchangeServers.txt file with the IP addresses of the CAS’s before running the OWAUSER.WSF script.  So by adding the IP address of the new CAS server in to the file now, if you ever re-run the OWAUSER.WSF it will be already up to date, matching your environment.


Many people simply install the OWA extensions.  If you do that then it is likely that people will see EV functionality, and icons and so on, but, when they try to do something with them, they won’t work.  This includes retrieval of archived items, which is probably the most common thing.  It will of course only not work for the users who go through the new CAS.

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