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Jan 302013

In order to see if an issue I currently have is still present with Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 I decided to take the plunge and upgrade a copy of one of my virtual environments to Enterprise Vault 10.0.3.  This is what happend:

First of all I got a nice new pop-up after running the setup program to update my server:

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 14.53.35

I think that’s quite a handy reminder for people doing this on a production environment.

The next thing was a little bit unexpected..  in the ‘mini deployment scanner’ run I saw a warning against my version of Outlook.

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 14.56.36


I had a quick review of the Compatibility Charts as it recommended, and the issue is around Outlook 2007 SP 3 and Exchange 2013.  If you plan to target an Exchange 2013 server then you need a Microsoft hotfix:

Outlook 2007 Update, July 10, 2012


That weighs in at just under 80 Mb, and as I’m not targeting Exchange 2013 I have opted to leave well alone for the time being.

At the end of the quick upgrade I was prompted to restart my machine – which was a little odd seeing as I had definitely stopped all services prior to starting the upgrade.  But this is only a lab, so it’s okay for me to just go ahead and restart the machine whenever I like.


Following the upgrade when I started the Admin and Directory services there were .SQL scripts to run through.. so the startup took a little longer than normal.  Same when the storage service started for the first time.

After that.. All seems good so far.

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