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Jan 182013

It occurred to me just the other day that my blog has a whole variety of information on it relating to Enterprise Vault, but quite a bit of it is at a deep technical level.  I mean, there is nothing which covers the ‘basics’.  There is nothing to say ‘Where do I go to get started?’.

I’m going to correct that in a series of blog posts under the ‘Getting Started’ umbrella.  They will have a category assigned to them, so you can find them quickly.  Some of them will also go in to a bit of technical detail, but for the most part I will (attempt to) keep them light.

This is the link to the page with them all listed.

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  2 Responses to “Getting Started With Enterprise Vault”

  1. Hi Rob, I have a basic question which seems to have a not so basic solution ….
    Can you use EV to archive files from a non-domain based server? I’ve tried and I’m getting nowhere 🙁
    thanks, Andy

    • I’ve never tried, and, on the Connect Forums I just asked:

      Can you configure a Windows service to use pass through authentication?

      If you can then *maybe* it will work. But.. Why do you want to have file server data in a DMZ? Why not pump the data in-land as it were, and archive from there?

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