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Jan 112013

Searching is something which I have covered in a few blog posts and articles before, but the other day when I was reading an article about how to find out which emails are taking up all your space in GMail, it suddenly struck me that the same sort of information would be useful to know about an Enterprise Vault mailbox archive.  In this post I’ll explain how to find out how big archives are, and how to find out the items taking up most space.

Launch Advanced Browser Search

Many people will be familiar with integrated search of Enterprise Vault from inside Outlook.  Some people may also know about Browser Search.  You can extend browser search by using Advanced Browser Search.  To do this amend the URL that you go to, as follows:
The ?Advanced=3 is the extension to the URL and will bring you a page for searching with many more options on it than normal

Search based on size

Part way down the search page you’ll see:
Enter the start value of the items that you want to locate.  The size is measured in Kb.
So in my example I’m searching for items which are bigger than 500 Kb.  You can enter any other search criteria you wish, such as searching in a particular folder, and then click on ‘Search’.

Review your results

The results will look something like this:
Note the size listed is the size of the item prior to archiving, and it’s in Kb.
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