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Jan 112013
Configuring partition rollover is an aspect of Enterprise Vault that can have many good side effects such as making the current active partition more lean, and therefore faster to backup.  Below are the steps to take to configure monthly partition rollover:


a. Create some partitions
In order to rollover you will of course need to set up some partitions.  If you want to do rollover monthly then perhaps setting up the first 6 months of partitions is the best thing to do.  You create them underneath the Vault Store in the VAC, and after you have created some you’ll see something like this:

b. Change the first ‘Ready’ partition to rollover on a particular day
It might be that you want to start this right now, but for my example I’m opting to do a rollover on the 1st of each month, so, I am setting the first partition to rollover on the 1st of the next month – 1st February for me:

c. Change the other ‘Ready’ partitions to rollover monthly
The other partitions I then set to rollover monthly:

d. Make sure your partitions are in the correct order.
If you look on the properties of the Vault Store, in particular the ‘Partition Rollover’ tab, you’ll see the order that your partitions will rollover.  You should make sure that the order listed is correct, and adjust any that are out of place.  This screen also serves as another way of validating that you have configured the rollover on each of your partitions (You’ll see the ‘Rollover’ column set with the word ‘Enabled’ in it):
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