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Nov 162012

For a little while now I’ve been using Office 2013.  I’ve encountered an incredibly annoying problem – and I spent the best part of three afternoons trying to fix it. Most of the time when I tried to open a PowerPoint file, I would see:


Sometimes I’d see it with Word, but not always.  Doing the repair wouldn’t fix the problem.  Reinstalled Office, deinstalled Office, trying a fresh machine – all didn’t work either.

Eventually, after MUCH surfing (some of it related to the problem-at-hand!) I discovered it was Windows 8 blocking the file because the file had been created on another computer.  If I right click a ‘problem’ file I’d see:


Clicking that ‘magic’ Unblock button would fix the issue.

That’s great.  For one file, but what about loooots of files?  Well the main thing is that I’m getting these files through email, the easiest way to stop this ‘stream’ being written is to ensure that I’m not tracking it with Windows:


In GPEDIT.MSC, go to USER –> ADMINISTRATIVE TEMPLATES –> WINDOWS COMPONENTS –> ATTACHMENT MANAGER and locate ‘Do not preserve zone information in file attachments’.  If you then redownload the file, or recopying it from another machine, bingo it all works nice.

There are other alternatives such as ensuring these files are on a FAT32 partition …  the information causing the blocking of the file is stored in an NTFS stream, which of course FAT32 partitions don’t honour.   Another alternative is to use STREAMS the ‘SysInternals’ tool to remove the alternate data stream containing the info.

I’m happy now!

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