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Oct 302012

For well over a year I’ve had an Android smartphone.  I started with a Samsung Galaxy with my ill fated dabble on the Three network, followed by a HTC Wildfire S, on my O2 contract, then gave that to my eldest daughter and bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 unlocked to put my O2 SIM in.  Apart from the rubbish battery life, I was happy enough. 

I longed for a tablet though.  Around about 14 months ago I succumbed to the evilness of the Apple empire, and bought a sparkly new iPad2.

I was happy enough.

Even with the different look, feel, and app choices that had to be made on the different devices.  I was still happy enough.  I didn’t spend much money on apps on either of the devices, I kept things like Twitter in-synch by using Twitter clients that had Tweetmarker support.  I used Instagram only on my phone, since the iPad version doesn’t exist.

I was happy enough, but I wasn’t ecstatic.

Neither was my girlfriend.  For roughly the same length of time she had a nice iPhone4, and a few months later she got an ASUS Transformer TF201 (the tablet, with the keyboard that has an extra battery in it).

She doesn’t use the Transformer too much.  I figured out just the other day that one of the main reasons why was because of that ‘drift’, that ‘gap’ between what’s available for iOS and what’s available for Android.  She, like me, struggled with the differences between having a phone of one OS / manufacturer, and a tablet of another.

It just didn’t work as well as it should.

So today in a fit of ‘I must fix it’ I factory reset my iPad2, and factory reset my Transformer — for a brief period I owned them both .. mwhahaha.  Within about 30 minutes I had them BOTH up and running again with largely the same set of apps (both iTunes, and Play Stores remember what you’ve purchased).

Everything is good again.

I’ve still some gaps in apps that I’ve got to fill on the Transformer.  The WordPress app for blog is SHOCKING!!

If I can do it.. trust me, you can do it too.  Will you take the plunge?  Do you use different strokes on your phone versus your tablet?

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