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Oct 292012

In the last couple of posts I showed the Enterprise Vault integration in Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007 Outlook Web App’s.  In this post I will show you what Enterprise Vault looks like in Exchange 2010 OWA.

As with Exchange 2007 the integration point is much simpler, Enterprise Vault has a small MSI that needs to be installed (and maybe needs some configuration) on your Client Access Server (CAS).  If you have multiple then you’ll need it installed on each.  Like the Exchange 2007 integration it does make things much simpler in an Enterprise, since there is nothing needed on the mailbox servers.

This is what the main window looks like:

The thing that many people think is missing here is that there is no EV toolbar.. then they go off to try and troubleshoot why not.  Well, there isn’t an issue.  There isn’t a toolbar, there isn’t meant to be one.  All the EV operations are available based on the type of item that you have selected, and then using the right-click menu.

You can of course retrieve items, and they look like this:

Search is available from the links towards the bottom left of the main window:

Archive Explorer opens in a pop-up window just like we’ve seen before:

The only oddity to be aware of is the conversation view ‘anomaly’.  The default view is that conversation-view is turned on, so messages threads are compressed. When you right click on an item in this mode you don’t get the Enterprise Vault actions .. eg you can’t choose ‘archive’.  You can either expand the conversation, or, turn off conversation view.

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