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Oct 262012

Yes it’s still there lurking in the background!  Some people do still use Exchange 2003, and users ‘fight’ with Outlook Web Access.  Enterprise Vault has for many years integrated in to the OWA experience, with the addition of an installable component on the Exchange Back-End server, and on the Front-End server (if one is deployed).   Below I’ll show you how end users see Enterprise Vault in OWA:

Here is a sample mailbox that I have been using for some time:

You can see a number of things in the screenshot, for example:

* Indicator in the preview pane that this is an archived item.

* Icon the message in the list of messages-in-the-folder is the familiar shortcut icon.

* There are links at the bottom of the toolbar for ‘integrated search’ and ‘archive explorer’.

* There is the familiar Enterprise Vault toolbar across the top

That’s all great..  it gives a look and feel which is close to the one that users experience inside Outlook.   Operationally you can of course retrieve items:

You can archive and restore items, and you can do searches using ‘integrated search’-type functionality (again that’s just like Outlook):

Still available, but slightly different is Archive Explorer — it opens up in a different window:

Hopefully you can see that the Outlook Web Access experience for those people still using Exchange 2003 is pretty similar to the regular Outlook experience.  The big ‘missing piece’ is of course Virtual Vault.  Users have to use search or Archive Explorer.  If your organisation is a heavy user of Outlook Web Access, with people mingling between Outlook and OWA, then the lack of Virtual Vault might affect the whether or not you create shortcuts to archived items (one of the big points of Virtual Vault is that you can go-shortcutless.. but it only really works if you don’t have heavy OWA usage, and users don’t mind having to use Virtual Vault in one place, and Archive Explorer in another place).

Next time I’ll show the Exchange 2007 experience…

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