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Oct 172012

One of the common questions when it comes to archiving of Exchange messages with Enterprise Vault is which date attribute is used when searching ..  well the answer is in the following technote:


Hope that proves helpful to you.

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  3 Responses to “It’s a Date!”

  1. Interesting to know… A question, does this by chance explain why an appointment that is archived is listed per archive date in the “archive explorer”? That is most annoying to users… so what order of attributes would be used in this case?

    Thanks and regards,

  2. On an appointment which I just created it has a PR_MESSAGE_DELIVERY_TIME… and that’s the date that I’m seeing in Archive Explorer too.

    But maybe it depends how the appointment arrives..ie you create versus someone sending you a meeting request?

    • I must have a look into this another time… I tested this with (old) calendar entries for the local Outlook user and not with appointments, that were send to/from other users. I would think that there is no “delivery time”, but I have not verified myself.

      Great web-site and useful information.

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