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Oct 162012

There aren’t too many organisations that implement archive quotas, where an Enterprise Vault users archive can only grow to a particular size.  There are however plenty of people who are curious about how much space they have used, and many many people who just want to know how many items they have in their archive.

A long time ago I submitted an idea to get ‘mail tip’ style information added to the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-in, but alas it has never been implemented.  One of the things that it could have shown is both the quantity of items, and overall size of the archive.

An Enterprise Vault Administrator can of course go to see the usage page on the Enterprise Vault server.  But an end-user doesn’t have that ability.  The only way that I have seen so far is this:-

* From inside Outlook, click on the Search button on the Enterprise Vault toolbar or ribbon

* Click ‘Find Now’

This,of course, does a blanket search of the whole archive.  One of the things that it also does it to give you the number of items in the archive.  You can do the same against any archive that you have permission to search.

Have you found any other interesting ways to find out the number of items in your archive?

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