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Oct 152012

I have heard this question asked a few times …

What is the difference between a Message ID and a Saveset ID?

Well the answer is that a Message ID in ‘pure’ messaging terms is a unique identifier for a digital message, it is globally unique.  It’s generated and applied by the messaging system which sends the message.  Here is an example:


A Saveset ID is a unique identifier generated by Enterprise Vault for an archived item.   Here is an example:


The SaveSet ID is made up of a number of components, using the above as an example, here is a description:

2012100 Checksum High

99800974 Checksum Low

201210021109570000 Message Delivery Date/Time (in this particular case, because this is an email)

> 2012 = year

> 10 = month

> 02 = day

> 11:09:57.0000 = Time

B033AD25E5A12FC3FC7849191C136AB1 Transaction ID

Remember that you can see the Saveset ID in a number of different ways, for example:

* From Outlook with the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-in installed you can press Control + Shift and click on an Enterprise Vault toolbar icon, and then go to Vault Information.

* From ‘advanced’ browser search (search.asp?advanced=3) you can add in SSID in to the list of attributes that will be returned with your results.

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  2 Responses to “Message ID versus Saveset ID”

  1. Just learning EV so your blog is very useful.

    I’m a bit confused by the checksum high in the post above. Why would they not include the second day digit in the checksum high? By using a single digit the days 01, 02, …09 all get lumped into 0.

    Second dumb question what is the checksum low? You mention it but don’t explain it like the checksum high.


    • Hi Jay
      Thanks for the comment. Take a look at the saveset table in the vault store database. Your answers lie there.


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