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Sep 162012

A question arose today on the Symantec Connect Forums relating to Shared Mailboxes.


The question was :


“What happens in those Shared Mailboxes, if they’re not EV enabled”


Well, the scenario described is that the primary mailbox IS enabled for archiving, but the secondary/shared mailbox isn’t. I did a short video which shows the answer.  It’s not Connect Forum quality so I’ve not submitted it to the Video section!

(Note: There is no sound on the video)

Basically though you can see two things :

* When you go in the Shared Mailbox, the toolbar/ribbon icons remain the same.  The Outlook Add-in doesn’t adapt itself to the mailbox that you have selected.

* When you manually archive an item you can’t – you get an error.

In addition to this, if you try to archive items using the background/scheduled/run-now archiving, none of the items in the shared mailbox are touched – as you would expect.

Image Credit: C!

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  3 Responses to “Enterprise Vault and Shared Mailboxes”

  1. I am a big fan of RSS. However, your RSS does not include more than 10 articles or so. All the oldest one, although still useful, are excluded. Is it a by design or did I miss something in my RSS client configuration?

    Many thanks,

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