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Sep 122012

I have seen a few people in my six years of working with Enterprise that do not roll out the Enterprise Vault Outlook Addin. Just the other day, I spotted a question that related to the same. It got my thinking:

Should I rollout the Enterprise Vault Addin?

We all know that the Addin provides a rich experience for end-users when it comes to searching, viewing, archiving, restoring and offline-access to their archived items. But is it always strictly necessary?

The answer is : No.

If you are the type of firm that can easily educate users to work with links in the archived item, or you provide the archive item ‘shortcut’ as ‘use full message body’, then users can still access the items from shortcuts.

If you have an intranet site that people use frequently, or push out (perhaps using EVPM or similar?) a folder with a home page set to search.asp, archiveexplorerui.asp or searcho2k.asp, then endusers can still search their archived items.

If you’re an organisation that doesn’t have much of a need to access the archived items offline then perhaps you don’t need to be concerned with that feature.

In the end it pays to assess or know up-front what types of users you have, and then perhaps the answer about rolling out the EV Outlook Add-in is no for you and your organisation too.

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