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Sep 112012

Should I archive my deleted items?

It’s an odd-question, but one that should perhaps be asked when it comes to determining your archiving policy with Enterprise Vault archiving for Exchange. Until just recently the Deleted Items folder wasn’t processed, but now, as you can see below, there is an option to include it:

In the dim and distant past I have seen some people who file things in their deleted items folder – odd but true.

So take a look at your environment and decide whether you should be looking at archiving your users deleted items folder, or not!

NOTE: I will post a download soon which will scan an entire Exchange Server to count the items, and report the size of the deleted items folder (which might help with your decision making)

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  4 Responses to “Archiving Deleted Items Folder with Enterprise Vault”

  1. Yes please, we have lots of random errors and some I have tracked down to the Deleted Items folder, we have users with thousands of items and folder in their deleted items and when we ask them they dont want to delete them, sad but true!!!
    I am trying to get a policy change so we don’t archive them so any more information would be great.

    • Hi Fiona,

      Thanks for the comment — what version of Enterprise Vault are you using? I might be mistaken but by default the Deleted Items aren’t archived. Did someone in the past turn that on in your organisation? Now you’re trying to turn it off again?

      Rob Wilcox

      • Hi Rob,
        Yes someone in the past turned it on and I am trying to get it turned off.
        My plan is to stop archiving the Deleted Items and get the Exchange guys to change the policy so that Exchange only keeps 2 weeks worth of Deleted Items.
        We are on v9.0.4 and I am just starting to plan my migration to 10.0.3.


        • Ah okay, well.. I hope it fixes the issue for you, and it would be interesting to know what the problem is with those items.

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