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Sep 102012

Sometimes little oddities like this make me curious!  The question is when your indexes are in backup mode (ie read-only) and you issue a request to rebuild an index, what happens?

Firstly the request is queued, as is mentioned in the dialog when you start the rebuild:

This is also logged in the event log:

Then sometime later when the index comes out of backup mode the rebuild will start.  It won’t start straight away.  The index server needs to be ‘activated’, perhaps by the end-user trying to do a search, or I believe the index server checks hourly for tasks to perform.

By the way, if a user does try to do a search, they’ll see:

When the rebuild is completed, the event log will get the normal message added to it saying that the rebuild was complete.


Note: This is pre-EV10

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  5 Responses to “Rebuilding an Index when in backup mode”

  1. Might be worth mentioning this is only for pre V10 Indexes! V10 Rebuilds won’t process whilst the Index is in such a state, and in fact the Rebuild task will report as such:

    10/09/2012 15:14:11 The subtask is not in a state to be processed (E.g. Volume in backup)

  2. Will update the post in a second, or three.

  3. So following on from that. If the index rebuild is running, and then the indexes are put into backup mode what happens? Is the index rebuild process terminated?


  4. What I did was my ‘normal’ test here. I rebuilt the index as normal, and it took just about 20 minutes to rebuild (there are 12,000 items in the index).

    I then started the rebuild again, and this time after a minute or so I put the index locations in backup mode. At that time in the event log I see :

    7316 event.. saying the rebuild had complete (with about 2000 items in it)

    I left them like that for 20 minutes, then took them out of backup mode, and waited. I also did a search, and could see only results from the first 2000 items.

    What I then found is that if I manually did an ‘update’ archive, then the remaining items were all processed and added to the index. I imagine, but haven’t tested it, that this would happen when items were added to the index (from manual archiving, or scheduled archiving)

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