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Sep 032012

I am debating this week which OS’s to put on my laptop.  I currently have Windows 7 on one disk (320 Gb.. just about big enough for Windows 7 and a few VMs), and on a second disk I have OSX Lion (500 Gb).  I have been running Windows 8 on an external USB drive using the Windows To Go feature, which I have previously mentioned in these blog posts (this, and this)  I have also previously run Mountain Lion on that same external USB drive (it’s only 90 Gb… but Mountain Lion worked a treat)

So I can of course continue like that.

Or I can consolidate, reconfigure, and recombine.

I am considering ..

  • Windows 8 on the 320 Gb disk
  • Mountain Lion on the other 500 Gb disk

Then the 90 Gb disk is just spare again.

The final question then becomes whether I upgrade the Windows 7 installation to Windows 8.. or clean install.  Normally I completely LOATHE upgrades.  So, hmm, I guess that is my answer then !

Damn I’m going to have a busy week – the last week before my house move.

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