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Aug 292012

In Outlook 2010 you will see the following buttons on the Outlook ribbon:

Depending on the settings configured in the Desktop Policy for a user some/all of these may not be visible to some/all users.

But, what do all those buttons in the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-in do?

Button 1 – Search Vaults

Brings up the Enterprise Vault ‘integrated search’ allow you to search your own, and any other accessible archives.

Button 2 – Archive Explorer

Open Archive Explorer – again you can browse your own archive and any other accessible archives.

Button 3– Store in Vault

Will store an item in your archive (or another one which you have access to).  It can also store folders, via the little drop down that you can see in the screenshot.

Button 4 – Restore from Vault

Restore a copy of the item from the archive back to the mailbox.  It it worth noting that the item isn’t deleted from the archive.

Button 5 – Delete from Vault

Deletes the shortcut, and the archived item (if you have permission to do that, and it is enabled  at the Site level)

Button 6 – Cancel Operation

Allows you to cancel some of the operations which might be outstanding, such as pending-archive, or pending-restore.  Useful when an item appears to be ‘stuck’.

Button 7 – Synchronize

Performs a synchronize operation of your Vault Cache.

Button 8 – Help

You will notice one omission.  That’s the button for the Expiry report.  This doesn’t appear on the ribbon, it is on the backstage view:

It is worth noting that in order to remove the Expiry Report from here, you have to untick the option in the policy for it being on the toolbar.  If you do that, it removes it from the backstage view in Outlook 2010, and from the toolbar in Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003.

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