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Aug 202012

Many people like using the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-in’s Archive Explorer feature.   For those that don’t implement Virtual Vault, or for those on the move and needing to use Outlook Web Access, or a Mac, then Archive Explorer provides a visual, and familiar way of viewing archived items in a tree view structure.

Sometimes though you hit the default upper limits:

The pop-up appears when you click on the yellow warning triangle next to the Page 1 of 10 at the top of the Archive Explorer page.

To get around this you need to create a ANSI webapp.ini file in the Enterprise Vault program folder on the Enterprise Vault server, and add:


(3000 is just an example!  Don’t go too high though)

Afterwards you need to restart the IISAdmin service for the change to take effect.

What this does is allow Enterprise Vault to return more results, that and lots of other webapp.ini settings are described in this article:


After implementing the change above you will now see :

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