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Aug 162012

It seems that the steps that I followed to get Windows 8 ‘installed’ on my external USB drive has inadvertently led to two things …

a/ I have obtained Windows 8 To Go


b/ I don’t by default have access to the Windows App Store

This is correctable as described in this article:


Essentially you use the Group Policy Editor (in my case on the local machine using gpedit.msc) to edit the group policy to ‘allow’ you to access the store.

So now I don’t get this:

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  One Response to “Windows 8 To Go – No Store?”

  1. […] 8 To Go is a neat way of running Windows 8 from a USB drive. I have written about it before, soon after I had stumbled across it for the first time.  I had the need just the other day to use […]

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