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Aug 162012

As many people will now Windows 8 RTM’ed a few weeks ago, and became available to TechNet and MSDN folks yesterday.  I spent some of yesterday evening downloading the wrong version (d’oh).  I got the regular install, when I really wanted Enterprise.  Well..  at least I had a spare 10 minutes today to download that.

The installation I thought was going to be nice and smooth.  I had decided to overwrite my OSX Mountain Lion external USB drive.  It’s ‘only’ 90 Gb, but it’s a decent enough size and speed.  Mountain Lion flies along on there.

First issue is that (evil) Windows 8 won’t install on to that type of drive!  What?  Why?  Anyway..  a little trip around the internet later, and I followed the instructions in this article:


Essentially you drop a particular file on to the utility mentioned and ‘burn’ it to the disk..  make it bootable using bcdboot, boot off it, wait a while, and hey presto.

I was mightily impressed with a few things :

a/ Nice rolling install of colours:

b/ It remembered me.. from all the beta versions I tried.

I just logged in using my Windows Live account and hey presto.

c/ It wasn’t THAT long (longer than Mountain Lion though I think) before I got the metro interface:

d/ You also get a very nice Bing Internet Explorer front screen:

So far .. so good.  Now I’ve got to go through the multitude of installs of things like Dropbox, Evernote, etc, etc.

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