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Aug 152012

Following a battle which was long and painful, and with the fantastic assistance of someone far more knowledgeable in Mac stuff than me, I finally have OSX Mountain Lion running.

Not just running though. 

It is installed on a ‘spare’ USB hard drive, which my laptop boots off with no problems.  It also has sound working – using VoodooHDA.

Overall I am happy with the installation – I might even upgrade my main OSX installation to it, and see how that goes.  I’m not sure whether the process/steps we have developed will work for an upgrade, or only a clean install (so I’ll definitely need to make a backup first!)

I do seem to get some odd Kernel Panics from time to time, when I’m booting.  I am pretty sure I got NONE before I messed around with the Sound-side of things.  So, it might be that VoodooHDA isn’t quite the right fit.  It isn’t spoiling my fun ..  well, not too much so far.

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