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Aug 052012

Following on from my previous post relating to the Samsung Galaxy S2 and little issue I had with locking on to a GPS signal, I have to say that I’ve used the maps/latitude/GPS-thing three or four times this last week, and it has been invaluable, and excellent.  I am not a big fan of London.  I haven’t visited many of the sites, but the last few days I’ve had a need to visit a couple of locations, and the GPS + Maps have been brilliant.  It is also great to be able to get walking directions, with pretty accurate timings too.  That’s helped me get from train or tube station to the place that I’m going quite easily.  I think it would have been a nightmare without a little device like this!  It’s not to say that my HTC Wildfire S wouldn’t have done the job, but the additional screen real-estate on the Galaxy S2 is valuable when it comes to moving around on the map.

I hope to put it to more use this coming week.

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