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Aug 022012

When I first got my Samsung Galaxy S2 from Amazon UK, it had Android 2.3 on it.  My SIM is for O2, and soon afterwards (a day or two) I had an OS upgrade notice.

This took me to a world of pain!

It was the O2 customised Ice Cream Sandwich over the top of ‘stock’ 2.3.  A little while later, and with the use of Odin, and three strong cups of coffee, I reinstalled everything with ‘stock’ 4.0.3.

Life was good.

But.. I noticed when I went in to Maps or Latitude of even MyTracks that it would not lock on to a GPS signal.  I am sure (okay fairly sure) it was okay when I was on Android 2.3, but my upgrade issues.  A little hunting around on the internet led me to this post:


I simply did the first part of the steps in the article:

Settings > Location and security > ensure the the 3 boxes under My location are ticked.

Now download and install, free from the Market, GPS Status.

Put your phone into, “Flight mode“…

Settings > Wireless and network > Flight mode… check

Open GPS Status (preferably outdoors with a clear view of the sky) and select Menu > Tools > Manage A-GPS state > Reset

Now just leave it for as long as it takes to get a solid lock on at least 6 Sat’s (preferably more… 9->11 would be good). This can take 20 min’s or more but be patient,

When you have achieved this then select GPS Status Menu > Settings > GPS & Sensors > Auto-download AGPS data > choose how often you would like the data to be updated (1 hour -> 3 days… I have mine set for once a day) > tick the 3 boxes (GPS required/Lock to GPS speed/Filter the GPS speed, if required) and choose your Sensor filtering.

Now disable, “Flight mode, by un-checking the box and reboot your phone.

After this my GPS lock is about 3-4 seconds !

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