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Jul 202012

Most people know quite a bit about searching with Enterprise Vault, from an end-user point of view.  Sometimes though the question is asked about how to search for the non-obvious things…  for example, say I know a particular Message ID, and I want to find that particular message, how do I do it?

Enterprise Vault has a wealth of search capabilities – after all that has to be the reason to index all the ingested data in the first place, right?  Integrated Search inside Outlook gives you basic search functionality, Advanced Find added on to Integrated Search gives you a bit more, and of course there is always Archive Explorer.  But when you want to search for something a little bit different, that’s where the power of browser search comes into it’s own.

Regular Browser Search looks like this:

If you add advanced=3 to the URL though, you get a whole new set of options:

If you want to search for a message ID, you do the following:

1. Scroll down to ‘other attribute’

2. Put in iden  << That’s the Enterprise Vault attribute name for the message ID

3. Put the message ID in to the text box to the right of the attribute name

4. Run the search, and see the results:

If you want some assistance with which attributes are available, and what their names are.  Take a look at this article:

HOWTO46675 Standard Enterprise Vault Search Properties

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