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Jun 202012

The other day I was looking at a rather frustrating Enterprise Vault 9.0.3 SharePoint Archiving issue.. which in the end had an easy fix.

Read on for more info

My trace was showing:

513    12:49:32.858     [3508]    (EvSharePointArchiveTask)    <6092>    EV-L    {SharePointItemProcessor.ProcessFileOrVersion} Processing file: http://fast01-demo/sites/Test1/TestLib/Registry_Values_Internal_version.doc V1.0
514    12:49:32.874     [3508]    (EvSharePointArchiveTask)    <6092>    EV-L    {SharePointPolicy.Match} Rule Match Failure, reason: Filename expression rule, rule name: Office, rule type: ARCHIVE, filename: Registry_Values_Internal_version.doc Matches *.doc;*.docx;*.xls;*.xlsx;*.ppt;*.pptx = False

So my document… a .doc file was failing to match the rule which I had configured to capture pretty much all of my Office document types. [Shame I can’t pick ‘Office Documents’ from a list, like with File System Archiving]

So in turn my SharePoint Document Library with the File Size column added was showing just the full items:


Eventually I went back and checked the policy and it is then that I spotted my crazy mistake.  I had delimited my list of file extensions with a SEMI-COLON (which seemed natural to me!) and it should be a COMMA.

After making that change, I could then see a rule match in my DTRACE:

1118    12:56:07.030     [5684]    (EvSharePointArchiveTask)    <4024>    EV-M    {SharePointPolicy.Match} File: sis-report.doc matched rule: Office, rule type: ARCHIVE

And my Document Library was then showing:


The 1 Kb items are the ones that got turned into ‘stubs’.  All was good in the world, for another day!

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