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Jun 072012

Microsoft released the Windows 8 Release Preview just a few days ago.  It’s a public preview, meaning you can head on over to their web site and download your own copy:



You can get a setup program to upgrade, or an ISO for a clean install.

On my laptop I created a .VHD on the main disk, and booted to it, following the instructions:


This means Windows 8 x64 (in my case) is running on the bare-metal (rather than VMWare machines, which I’m in the process of building for colleagues), and it’s fast.. Very fast.

About the only interesting thing I have found is that when I remote desktop to my machine in the office, and run VMWare from in there, I can’t ‘capture’ the Windows 8.. meaning all the nice, new shortcuts aren’t available to me, so I’m relying on mouse gestures.  I’m sure it won’t be like that if I am actually at the console, and it’s definitely not like that when booting to it from the .VHD.

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