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May 162012

A colleague asked the following a week or so ago:

If a user creates a folder manually in the Virtual Vault, after the user archive is exported back to his mailbox – will this VV folder be created in the mailbox and where?

The short answer to the question is : Yes.

The longer answer is best described through the following example:

Let’s assume my test user is all setup nicely, Vault Cache and so on is all working.

I then create a folder in Virtual Vault under Inbox called TestFolder1

I then create a folder in Virtual Vault at the top level called TestFolder2

So I have the following:

From my mailbox I drag and drop 4-5 items in to TestFolder1.  These aren’t items that have been archived before.  And I drag and drop 4-5 items from Virtual Vault to the folder TestFolder2 (ie these are already archived items).  So now I see:

I synchronise a couple of times, to get them properly archived and stubbed in to Virtual Vault.


I then do an export back to the mailbox, from the Vault Admin Console, for this user… and this is what I see:

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