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May 142012

A question which is asked from people new to Enterprise Vault is

“How can an end-user tell which emails have been archived?”

There are a number of features in the product that can be used to discover this, and educating end-users over a period of time of the options available means that they can pick an approach that suits them.

Search, Archive Explorer, Integrated Search

The easiest and simplest method is search from within Outlook.  This is called Integrated Search, and allows end-users to search for items that have been archived:

People can also use Archive Explorer, which gives them more of a ‘mailbox’ or tree view like view of their archive:

And there is the ‘regular’ Search page:


A simple approach which is often forgotten is that archived items can result in a shortcut being left in the mailbox.  Even with the usage of Vault Cache, and Virtual Vault many people still create shortcuts.  Here is what they look like:

Virtual Vault

From EV 8 SP 3 onwards there is the option for end-users to have Virtual Vault.  This is for many people a souped version of Archive Explorer, integrated firmly in to an end-users mailbox, and to their Outlook experience.

Search Folder

Quite some time ago I submitted an idea to pre-create a number of search folders in Outlook to quickly show what has been archived.  Unfortunately the idea has not been implemented, but JesusWept2 has an excellent write of how you can configure this on an end-users machine:


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