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May 112012

In the last few days I’ve given the QUADROtech Mailbox Analysis tool a quick run through.  It gives some awesome information about a mailbox.  Valuable information, which will help a huge amount when it comes to working out the best archiving strategy for the mailbox.  On top of that when you have been archiving a mailbox you can see the effect over time (by the amount of shortcuts and so on).

If you’ve not tried it, grab it from http://www.quadrotech-it.com

When I used it I did encounter one ‘odd’ error:

And, the log file in : C:\Documents and Settings\jeff1\Local Settings\Application Data\QUADROtech\Logs


2012-05-09T18:06:21|DEBUG|P:2148|T:1|GUI|Successfully logged on to MAPI
2012-05-09T18:06:21|DEBUG|P:2148|T:1|GUI|jeff1 resolved in GAL
2012-05-09T18:06:21|TRACE|P:2148|T:1|GUI|MAPI Stack disposed successfully
2012-05-09T18:06:21|DEBUG|P:2148|T:1|GUI|Successfully logged on to MAPI
2012-05-09T18:06:21|ERROR|P:2148|T:1|GUI|Could not connect to Mailbox
EXCEPTION: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80004005): Ambiguous name: jeff1
at Redemption.IRDOSession.GetSharedMailbox(Object NameOrAddressOrObject)
at QUADROtech.MailboxAnalysis.MAPIWrapper.ConnectToMailbox(String ConnectionAddress)

So the issue, as it turns out, is that I have a Jeff10 in my GAL as well.  The solution is to use the SMTP address or distinguished name, which are unique.

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