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May 062012

Following the move that I made from a WordPress.com site to a self-host WordPress.org-style site, and the seven steps I wrote here, I’ve discovered three other anomalies.  I’ll describe them in this post, as they actually turned out to be quite important!

Images on Existing Posts point back to old site

This is one that I discovered by accident, hovering over an image on one of the posts that I wrote a few weeks ago (oddly enough it was about the temporarily broken Symantec Connect Forums!)


In the screenshot above, is another example, where the images in the post point back to the old site.

I found a few other people who had encountered similar issues, and they’d written about how to change all of the posts en-masse.  I thought I’d give it a go, and my information is based mainly on this post.

First of all I checked on a particular post what things looked like:

FROM  `truewp_posts`
WHERE  `post_title` LIKE  ‘BSDeleteButton’
LIMIT 0 , 30

And then updated *just* that post:

update `truewp_posts` set `post_content` = replace(`post_content`, ‘robwilc.files.wordpress.com/’,’thingsilearnedtoday.net/wp-content/uploads/’) WHERE `post_title` LIKE ‘BSDeleteButton’

After making the change, I checked in a browser that it appeared to be correct, and it was.

I then had a look at how many other posts were affected:

select count(*) from `truewp_posts` where `post_content` like ‘%robwilc.files.wordpress.com/%’

Gulp!  That’s a lot of posts.. but hey ho, give it a try! And I updated them all in one go.

Now the posts look like this:


The MySQL interface for me looks like this, in case anyone wants to know:


Permalinks were just *wrong*

I noticed that in my Google search results the pages that were indexed were things like http://robwilc.wordpress.com/date/post-name

But, the new site was doing things like http://thingsilearnedtoday.net/?p=nnn

Not good, because all the search links are then broken!

It’s quite easily fixed by changing the following under Settings –> Permalinks:


Instantly they all change, and that’s good – no more database magic!


The final thing that I’ve been doing is picking some widgets, especially for sharing.  The main ones I’ve gone for are :-



Both are definite recommendations (from me)

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