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May 022012

It’s been a few days now since the new blog was setup, and I’ve just now been back to WordPress.com, and ‘flicked the switch’ to redirect http://robwilc.wordpress.com to here http://www.thingsilearnedtoday.net

Life is good, I hope.

I know I promised a post about how I moved over .. and I have that written, but I have noticed a glitch, and I don’t know if’ it’s me, or my process!  Surely not me though, right?  The images on the posts on the new site, point to the old site.  This isn’t a problem currently because I don’t plan to actually get rid of the WordPress.com site in the near, or medium term.

And it doesn’t matter that it’s saving me a tiny bit of bandwidth, or server space.  Bandwidth is unlimited, as is server space …  I think Smile  And the server space IS actually in use since the images did migrate over, just the posts didn’t get updated to point to the new images on the new site.

Very odd.  And I’m going to investigate.

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