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Apr 202012

I’ve read a lot of blogs which talk about having regular breaks in your daily routine, and work tasks, but I for one don’t remember to take them as often as I should.  I stumbled across a cool little multiple-reminder app called Nag.. which i’ve installed on OSX.

Here is a review of it.  And the software producers home page.

There are IOS versions too, and it is pretty neat.

Oh and the alarm will scare the LIFE out of you the first time you hear it 🙂

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  2 Responses to “More than a reminder app – Nag”

  1. I remember sitting in an office full of MACs. One guy locked his PC, left, and went off to lunch. He also had an alarm set for not missing lunch, which went off. It was awful, loud, and as we didn’t want to switch his machine off, we ended up putting a ear plug into the computer. – Alarms should be used wisely or configured to go off in a soft way! 😉

  2. That’s a very good point!
    This particular app just goes ‘beep beep’ quite loudly, just once, and then it’s done 🙂

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