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Apr 132012

During the Easter weekend, we purchased an Asus Transformer Prime.  For me it is the best of both worlds, being both a tablet, and a laptop.  The dock is a really good design.

Spurred on by that, and the news last week of a 3rd party company making a special ‘case’ which turns an iPad into a Macbook Pro lookalike, I’ve designed to give my iPad a go with a Bluetooth Mac-like keyboard.

I bought the keyboard a while ago …

I’ve not used it that much.  At first I used it with my laptop, but, for some reason that I can’t remember I stopped using it in favour of a different keyboard.

iPad-wise, I have just been using the on screen keyboard.  But I think the speed is MUCH lower than using a regular keyboard, and the accuracy of the typing is also reduced.

So now it’s back to the Bluetooth keyboard, and me balancing the iPad at an angle in portrait mode, whilst writing out ideas for blogs.


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