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Apr 092012

Many people will be familiar with setting the logging levels in the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-in, but some people might not be aware of what the different levels show.  I’ll try to explain that here.

The acceptable values of the Logging Level are:

Level Type Example
0 Errors Only 13/12/2011 12:47:07.549: Log file created (level 0).
13/12/2011 12:47:07.551: ActionArchive<class ECETraits,struct BackendHTTPTraits>::OnAction: Error (COM): 0x80040115
1 Information 13/12/2011 12:44:41.423[1892][H]: Log file created (level 1).
13/12/2011 12:44:41.425[1892][H]: Module path: C:Program FilesEnterprise VaultEVClientValkyrie.dll
2 Minimum 13/12/2011 12:43:57.189[3168][H]: Log file created (level 2).
13/12/2011 12:43:57.449[3168][M]: VVENABLED = 1 [Desktop Setting]

3 Maximum 13/12/2011 11:58:57.343[ 556][H]: Log file created (level 3).
13/12/2011 12:45:53.399[1500][L]: DesktopCommonConfig::LoadSettingsFromHiddenMessage: 0x0

You can set the logging level from the Outlook Add-in as well as in the registry.  You can also optionally set the Virtual Vault logging.  Doing so from the Outlook Add-in will inform you that this might consume a large amount of disk space.  Virtual Vault logging should not be left enabled on an end-user workstation for extended periods of time.

All the logging levels can include Virtual Vault logging apart from the ‘Errors Only’ option.  The following are the registry values:

Level Type
0x8000001 Information and Virtual Vault
0x8000002 Minimum tracing and Virtual Vault
0x8000003 Maximum tracing and Virtual Vault

Here is the tick box in the Outlook Add-in showing that the Virtual Vault logging is enabled:

And finally in the registry you’ll see:

Image credit: seanmfreese

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