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Apr 082012

Unlike the Enterprise Vault Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task you can not initiate a manual synchronisation of the public folder task, for example, when you have changed some policies, or permissions.  The permissions synchronisation takes place during the ‘run now’ or scheduled run of the archiving task.

When processing permissions this is how the DTRACE shows the operations performed:

The thread processing the folder will log that it is beginning the synchronization process:

3248 03:40:15.844 [5000] (PublicFolderTask) <6312> EV:L {CFolderHelper::GetFolderSettings:#1100} Synchronising folder permissions for folder [US]

The thread then loops through the PR_ACL_TABLE:

3249 03:40:15.844 [5000] (PublicFolderTask) <6312> EV:M CSynchHelper::SFP(US) – Opening PR_ACL_TABLE

When there is no change:

10232 05:50:04.988 [692] (PublicFolderTask) <3704> EV:M CSynchHelper::SFP(US) – Not updating security descriptor in the database as it hasn’t changed

That should help you get started in looking at the synchronisation process for public folder archiving.

Image credit : avrene

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