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Mar 312012

It is world backup day

Time to think about backups.

When  I did full time ‘Server’ Administration I would regularly backup the server data, and even occassionally (once per quarter) test restoring the data to a lab machine.  I think that the testing of restoring the data is key for a corporate ‘backup solution’.  There is no point in backing up all that data, if it’s not possible to restore, or you don’t know how to restore it, or how long it might take, or you struggle to do it because of lack of familiarity.

So think about your organisation today, on world backup day.

Think also of all your personal data.  I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to backups of personal data.  I have very good intentions of sorting it out, but it’s all too easy to create some random folder on a workstations desktop and pile in a load of music files, or more likely for me, photos.  I know I should back these up.  I intend to.  I intend to put them in Dropbox, or on SkyDrive.. but… I nearly always postpone it.

For personal data there is a wealth of backup possibilities and solutions out there on the internet, many offering free services which can be extended should you need more space than is initially offered.  So look around today, using your favourite search engine.  Pick one, and give it a try. 

You could even just go out and purchase a cheap external drive.  PCWorld, Maplin and other stores all have a good selection, and of course if you can wait until early next week, browse through Amazon, or your favourite online tech store.

Think about your personal data today, think of what you’ll lose if that data is lost.  It is arguably more important that the corporate data that you might have.

Do you backup your personal data already?  If so, what service do you use, and how is the experience playing out?

Image credit : zebramaedchen

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