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Mar 312012

Ohh the race is on, finally.

I’ve written about BT Infinity before .. a few times 🙂  Here, and here, and here, and oh… here.

Well, today, I randomly thought that I would check again..  and guess what:

And so, 25 minutes later I have the *3* hour long appointment booked, for 11th April, which was their earliest available slot.  So by midday, I should be all set.  I really don’t think it will take 3 hours, because I’ve already got BT Total Broadband, the right Home Hub, and no internal wiring to look at, or do anything with.  I’m hoping it’s done and dusted within an hour, but, I will have to wait and see.

I am also hoping that I’ll get 30 Mb+.

Image credit : _kaway_

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  4 Responses to “Racing to Infinity”

  1. I too have been waiting for Infinity and become increasingly annoyed that a week or so before the rfs date they have changed the date to end March 12 and again to end June 12 (my number still shows the same date) despite if I put my postcode into the Openreach checker it says “accepting orders” but of course phoning BT they say, sorry sir, I cant place an order for you as our checker says 30th June.

    As far as I know, Spencers Wood is a pretty small exchange and doesnt serve a particularly large number of residential or business customers so I am confused as to how Infinity is available to some, but not others.Would be interested to hear what part of RG7 you are in and whether its close (cant really be that far away from me) to my own postcode of RG7 1AT.Thanks,

    • Thanks for the comment Damion.

      Yes, I too saw the push-back from December, at the last moment, to March, and then at the last moment (almost) of March, pushed back again to June. I also saw in December that the Openreach web site showed Spencers Wood as ‘accepting orders’.

      I live over in Shinfield, in RG2 9AJ. I’ve had 3.5 Mb for 5+ years, with promises each year from BT of it going to ‘get faster’.

      As far as I know the exchange was done at the end of last year, the delays have then been the individual green cabinets on the streets. That’s what I have heard, I’m not sure it’s true.

      • Hi Rob, thanks for the details.Geographically speaking, I am just a few hundred yards away from the opposite end of Church Lane to yourself.We are obviously served by different cabinets albeit I am closer to the exchange (which as far as the crow flies I am in a straight line 0.8 miles from the exchange).I wonder what methodology BT used for which cabinets to complete first ? probably those with higher concentrations of likely customers since where I am I don’t suppose every house even has broadband let alone all wanting Infinity.

        I also heard from a friend in RG6 (an area that had Infinity enabled in I think March 11 iirc, that due to the routers and other equipment failing to perform to expectation, they were all being replaced, so doubtless the engineers doing those remedial works pushed our activations back again and again.

        You are right about the exchange and the actual main fibre cabling, which was put in as part of the whole M4 J11 works that lasted sooooo long, now I have a brand new housing development just starting so the peace didnt last long.

        Oh well, one day hopefully my online gaming will work to a better standard (you can tell when it’s 9.00 pm without needing a watch as it chugs to a halt) lol.

        Best of luck with your install.One of these days I might even have to do a double take when it actually says “available now”.


        • Hi Damion,
          I’m not sure what methodology they employ with regards to which cabs they upgrade first, second, third etc. Ours serves ‘new’ houses, which I guess means a higher proportion of ‘Information Worker’ type people that want Internet access.

          Interesting to hear that they are having to replace a bunch of stuff already !

          Maybe with the housing development coming, the installation for your end of the world will actually be done ‘on time’ by the end of June? You know, it might mean that BT have more of a ‘reason’ to do it.


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