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Mar 272012

In the Enterprise Vault Administration Console an administrator (or someone running the VAC with appropriate Roles Based Admin authorisation) can import PSTs.  It’s nice and straight forward, and really good if there is a just a small number to process.  



Overall the steps are pretty straight forward, and I’ve listed the major steps below:

·       Check PST Policies

·       Start PST Migration Wizard

·       Choose Vault Store

·       Add one or more PST files

·       Choose how association of PSTs to archives will be done

·       Assign a default retention category

·       Confirm associations of PSTs to archives

·       Confirm default retention category per PST

·       Decide on shortcut creation

·       Decide on the folder where the PST will be imported to, and whether it will be merged or separate

·       Decide on special settings such as language of PSTs, and whether to process ‘Deleted Items’

·       Decide how to “post process” the PSTs, for example delete it, or set it read only

·       Import (this processes each selected PST file in turn)

·       Review the report file (if you checked the option to produce one), and review the event log


Whilst that seems like a ‘lot’ to go through, it’s actually really quick to do.



One thing that the wizard doesn’t do is any kind of removal of passwords on PSTs nor does it run SCANPST.  Both of these might be something which you consider in your environment.

Image credit: dannysullivan

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