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Mar 262012

A question which often comes up in PST Migrations with Enterprise Vault is :


What happens with items that don’t get migrated?




Enterprise Vault provides a robust mechanism for handling PST Migrations, and handling items that don’t get migrated.  Firstly though, the question I think that needs to be asked is why they aren’t getting migrated?  There are often a number of possibilities, for example in the Migration policy you can specify which message classes will get processed.  It is possible that the PST files that you are processing contain items outside of that range.  Those items won’t get migrated into Enterprise Vault.


The non-migrated items and the shortcut setting in the policy are used to determine what happens with those items, and ultimately what happens to the PST file once it has been processed.  This table summarises the options:

Shortcut Setting  In Mailbox In PST No Shortcuts

Moved to mailbox.

PST will be deleted or copied back

depending on policy

Left in PST.

PST will be copied back

Left in PST.

PST will be copied back.

So essentially the fear that people have (where the PST will be deleted even though there are items in it) can’t happen.  The PST will only be deleted if it is empty.  It can only be empty if the shortcut setting is configured to put the shortcuts to the items which were archived into the mailbox.  With that setting configured the shortcuts are moved to the mailbox, and any items that didn’t get migrated (by policy, or other ‘failure’ condition) get moved to the mailbox as well.

Image credit: photosteve101

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