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Mar 252012

Just about a month ago, I took the plunge and installed iatkos L2 on to my laptop.  It has been a great experience overall, and for someone considering buying a Mac I would highly recommend it. 

During the month I’ve tried to use the "Mac" for just about everything.  There has been times when I have had to switch back to Windows for work purposes, but all-in-all I’ve been in the OSX-zone.

Here are four observations of using the OSX Lion Operating System so far:

1/ Not so much free software around.

On Windows I’m used to getting pretty much any kind of good quality software for no cost.  It’s not quite the same on the Mac.  It has taken me a long time to find a decent blogging tool (Qumana) for example, and  I’ve still only got poor, old, Picassa from Google for image editing.

It seems to be expected that you’ll end up spending a few hundred dollars on top of the machine price, to get additional software to ‘power’ your Mac-usage.

2/ Battery life seems better.

I get nearly 4 hours out of this laptop, and only 3 when in Windows, doing similar tasks.  That’s not a bad increase.

3/ Keyboard combos take time to get used to.

I suppose the same can be said of people using Windows, but coming from Windows to OSX it has taken me a while to get used to the OSX combos.  I think it might be eaiser if the keyboard were a proper Mac keyboard, marked out with the right symbols.

4/ Great startup time

Since this machine can’t use the Sleep Enabler, I have to shut it down when I’m not using it.  I thought that would be bad, but the startup of the Operating System seems super quick.  Definitely as fast as Windows 8, and a lot quicker than Windows 7.  That leads into another cool OSX feature, that is you can get your windows/applications re-opened by the Operating System when it starts back up.  I like this feature a lot. 

I have occassionally lost Google Chrome tabs though, but overall it is great to have all the old windows re-open with Windows.  It is also quick; the appliccations open pretty fast.  It means you can get on with working far quicker than with Windows (of any flavour).


My month with OSX Lion has been great.  There have been *very* few issues.  For a hardened Windows user like me I thought I would struggle, but quite the opposite.  It’s made me discover new ways of doing things, and new applications to get things done. 

I look forward to the next month!

Image credit: Danny Key

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