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Mar 232012

In the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-in Client Trace if you have enabled maximum logging you will often see entries like this:

16/12/2011 14:19:08.562[3368][L]: DesktopCommonConfig::LogonToMAPI: 0x0
16/12/2011 14:19:08.597[3368][L]: ~DesktopCommonConfig::LogonToMAPI: 0x0

The above example shows the entry to a function, and the exit to the function (that’s the one with the tilde).

Sometimes this can be useful when reviewing a client trace, though sometimes they can be quite far apart for example when manually archiving an item.

In the above example you can see that the manual archive operation took 3 seconds to complete, but between those lines in the client trace are over 450 lines of additional trace information.

Doing analysis like this can be quite useful in two situations:

1. For a hang

This would be where the client trace may show the entry to a function, but no corresponding exit.

2. For a performance problem

This would be where the client trace was showing significant delays between entry and exits to functions.  It is often trickier to analyse these!

Image credit: sylvainratton

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