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Mar 092012

As many people know I followed an excellent article on how to get OSX to run on the bare-metal of a HP Elitebook 8440p.  One thing that I started to notice over the last week or so of using it was that 3 or even 4 times out of 5, I’d get a kernel panic at boot time just after the Apple logo was about to disappear and be replaced by a grey screen immediately before the login prompt.


It was very annoying.


At first I thought it was the wireless USB dongle that I had installed, because I’m fairly sure that after installation, when I was using a wired-only network, I wasn’t getting these panics.


Sometimes on the second or third attempt, with the USB dongle removed, the laptop would boot properly.. and all would be well.


In the end, I read a few random links here and there, and decided that I would remove the VoodooHDA.kext.  Just deleting it from it’s place in /System/Library/Extensions was all that I did.  Next time I booted (still without the USB dongle installed) I had no kernel panic.


I’ve booted four times in a row over the last two days, and no kernel panic (touch wood!)  So I think I’ve accidentally found the culprit.

Image credit : Steve Jervetson

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