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Mar 082012

Like many people I run lots of applications at any one time.  


It seems that whatever screen size I have, or however many screens I have, they are always full of ‘stuff’.  Many experts on the internet say that you should focus on fewer or only one thing.  Often the best way to do that is to put your ‘one application’ into full screen mode.


Lots of applications in OSX Lion have that ability, like Safari, and Chrome for example.



To get into full screen OSX Lion adds a nifty little clickable icon at the top right of a window in application that allows/supports full screen usage.  For example with Google Chrome you see :

In fullscreen mode in OSX Lion, the dock disappears, and the banner across the top of the screen also disappears.  You should now be on the way to being distraction free!


One thing that struck me though after I did this was that I couldn’t get back out !  If you are like me, and start pressing a few randomish keys, like escape, and so on, then you might be lucky and figure out how to get out.  The combination that works for me is :-


Command + Control + F


Another way out is to ‘bump’ beyond the top of the screen with your mouse.  It seems odd to do it, but go to the top of the screen, then keep going and the title banner will come back, and you’ll see a nifty little icon in the top right hand side, next to the spotlight button:

One other thing in Google Chrome is that you can even focus just on your ONE active tab, and the tab bar gets removed.  To get into that mode, press the little house icon at the top right of the Chrome window:

Or you can get into it by pressing :


Command + Shift + F


The same key combination gets you out of that uber full screen mode in Google Chrome.


Enjoy your distraction free day !


Image credit : James the photographer

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