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Mar 072012

I have used several note taking apps over the years like Microsoft’s OneNote, and Evernote.  The only one I’ve used for a while is Evernote, so today when I checked in the Microsoft Store I was pleasantly surprised to find an App in there for it.

It’s a pretty quick download, and after logging in, and synchronising my notes down, I’m good to go.  I can see that the interface will be pretty good on a tablet.

One thing that I’ve hit straight away though is that I can’t :-

* Edit an existing note.

* Delete a note.

I can create new ones, and view the existing ones though!

So, at least it’s installed, and hopefully over coming days and weeks it’ll be worked on.  It is called Evernote Preview, so it’s expected to be less than feature complete I suppose.

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  2 Responses to “Windows 8 – Evernote Preview”

  1. same here…. frustrating, no edit/delete…maybe someday, or I’ll have to start looking into windows journal :(…

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