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Mar 072012

Since sometime yesterday afternoon my Wildfire S with Android on it plays the ‘beep’ notification roughly hourly..  It’s been driving me mad.  I thought it was my computer at first, but it wasn’t.  When I switched my phone off last night, the problem stopped.  When I switched the phone on again this morning it started again.


But it wasn’t every hour on the hour, or at the same number of minutes past the hour.


Finally figured out that ‘somehow’ I have managed to set the default notification for new mail to be this annoying beep !  Here is how to undo it:

  1. Click on the Gmail icon. 
  2. Press “Menu” 
  3. Select “More”
  4. Select “Settings”
  5. Select the email address you’d like to change (eg yourname@gmail.com)
  6. Select “Lables to Notify”
  7. Select the dropdown arrow next to “Inbox”
  8. Select “Ringtone” and then select “Silent”.

Phew… now that’s better!

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