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Mar 062012

Speculation on the internet is rife with regards to what the Apple Event schedule for 10am PST on 7th March 2012 will bring us.   Will it be ‘just’ the iPad 3?  Will it be an Apple TV too?  How about a smaller iPad?  A new version of IOS?  I’m sure everyone has a long list of things that they’d like to see announced by Apple on that day, but, until it happens, we must all wait and see.

Apple are *very* good at keeping things under wraps, with only rumours bouncing around the internet – nothing is confirmed, until the fat lady starts to sing.

I won’t be replacing my iPad 2 with an iPad 3 though.  I’m happy enough with the generation of iPad which I currently have, and will use it for a considerably longer time than the 9 months that I’ve owned it so far, before I replace it with anything else (and then it might not be an Apple product!).

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