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Feb 292012

We have a fast(ish) internet connection, so downloading the Windows 8 Consumer Preview released today was pretty quick.  I’m burning it to a DVD so that I can try it on some physical hardware, but I also tried it in a VMware Workstation environment just before I left the office for the day.

You need to have VMware Workstation 8.0 or higher (or Player 4 or higher) otherwise you get a HAL error when trying to boot.

When you start booting, you get a nice new splash screen logo (as well as the animated ‘swirl’ underneath)


Installation took only about 25 minutes end-to-end, and as you begin it you’re asked for personalisation stuff, like machine name and colour scheme:


You also have to create an account, the default being that the machine will be associated with a Windows Live ID.  There is the option to create just a local machine account:


Then pow…  here is the metro interface:


I’ve not had a play around yet, but look at that towards the right hand side … it’s the SkyDrive integration which is something I’ve been looking forward to seeing.

* more to come on this * Smile  I’ll report how I’m getting on with the client, as well as the server (yes I downloaded all 3 ISOs earlier on today)

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