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Feb 262012

I have recently moved teams to the certification team.  My main focus for the next 6 months or so is driving forward the certification of Windows 8, for both client and server usage.  Windows 8 as most people will know contains a bunch of new things, but in the last week or so I’ve been distilling those things down to ‘things most relevant to Enterprise Vault’.

Here is my current list:

Internet Explorer 10


       Kiosk – touch experience – gesture based – snap applications to be side by side


       Touch interface

       Touch keyboard (a la iPad)

Screen sizes

       Designed for 10 inch tablets

       Looks good on massive screens


       Metro UI (should we look to add some client side things to the interface there?)

       Should we pin links to Search, and Archive Explorer? What about future search interfaces?

       Pinch to zoom (coming to future builds on the Metro UI, according to rumours)

       Search (eg Windows Desktop Search for Virtual Vault/Vault Cache items)

Multi-User (aka Roaming)

       When you sign in with your connected account to another PC running Windows 8, your Metro style apps, and settings go with you.

       Windows 8 single interface, picking files from Flickr, etc, to send via email, share on Twitter etc.  Can you do it with an email?

       AppLocker to allow/prevent apps running


       Client Hyper-V

       File History (and its effects on FSA or on Vault Cache/Virtual Vault files)

       Cloud Synchronisation

Questions which arise

       Does running on a different architecture (ie ARM) give us any cause for concern?


       Should we be concerned with Office 2007? Office 15?  Only Office 2010?


What does Client mean?

       Outlook Addin, including :

o    Integrated Search

o    Archive Explorer

o    Browser Search, shopping etc.


o    Retrieval of archived items

o    Visibility of archived items (what does an archived item look like?)

o    Conflict resolution .. showing whether files are the same, what if one is a real file and one a placeholder?  What if both are real files, but one used to be a placeholder?

o    What if someone tries to share a placeholder?


       DA / CA




The plan is to begin testing in those areas, and see if additional things come out from testing those things.

Testing will begin in earnest after the release of the Consumer Preview / Beta, which is due today.

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