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Feb 022012


The screenshot above shows a few useful bits of information relating to Virtual Vault and Vault Cache which are stored in a users registry.  In this case it’s my registry on my corporate laptop.  Here is a run through of them:


This is the last time that the Content Cache (a component of Vault Cache) downloaded content.  These are the .db files on disk.


I have Vault Cache Enabled


The finishing time of the last good (ie non-failed) synch of the metadata cache, ie Virtual Vault, the .mdc file on disk


The time of the last sync regardless of whether it was good or bad.  It’s the start time.


The time of the next synchronisation attempt.  You can see from the example above that I’m not using anything other than the default, which is that the synchronisation will be attempted every 24 hours.


This is the path to the location on disk where my .db files, .mdc file(s) and .xml files live which relate to Virtual Vault and Vault Cache.

Together all these pieces of information give you an insight in to the operation, hopefully successful operation, of Virtual Vault and Vault Cache, and you can see if there is any sort of variation from the standard (ie overriden on my laptop versus the policy being changed)

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